Corporation Subcontracting (Corp-to-Corp, C2C)


If you are an individual looking to represent yourself on a Corp-to-Corp contract, please see our 1099 page. This page is for staffing companies seeking to submit candidates for Quivadore requisitions.

What's Offered...

Quivadore specializes in recruiting talented and driven individuals who seek employment in the IT world.

Quivadore is a vendor on the Information Technology Staff Augmentation (ITSA) contract held between OST, Inc. and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As new projects arise and new jobs are created within the Commonwealth, these jobs are posted on an open network for vendors, like Quivadore, to seek out the right resource.

Why Quivadore?

Quivadore is not only committed to our clients, we are equally committed to the resources who provide the end labor. For staffing companies who are looking for the right business partners for their personnel, Quivadore will make the following committments:

Interested in Partnering with Quivadore?


Complete our Corp-to-Corp Questionnaire.

Send the completed questionnaire to


For each candidate, review the job requirements. The candidate will be required to complete a questionnaire as part of their introduction to the end client.


Additionally, check the job requirements to see whether the Right-to-Represent form must be signed by the candidate and returned to Quivadore before the submission deadline.


Arrange for dates and times before the submission deadline that your candidate will be available for an initial phone interview with Quivadore.

Our Services
  • Client Services
    • Information Technology Staffing Support
    • Project Management, Business Analysis, and System Architecture Contracting
    • Microsoft .NET Application Development
    • Web Design, Web Applications, and Cloud Hosting
    • Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Member for RFP Partnerships
  • Job Seeker Services
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